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Mobile VR Headsets

For those new to VR porn, it can be hard to get an idea of what a 'quality' mobile-VR headset might be; especially with so many on the market. After much request, we have put together a list of some of the best mobile VR headsets available. Including material quality, lens clarity, field of view, phone compatibility and even physical comfort, here are our picks ranging from budget to high-end.

Best Budget VR Headset

FreeflyVR™ - $60USD

At the end of the day, only one thing really matters when it comes to the quality of our virtual-reality experiences; comfort. The FreeflyVR™ entry-model manages to meet expectations on every level. High-quality 42mm lenses and a huge 120-degree field of vision is one of the highest available, and we found the headset to be just as comfortable as the more expensive Samsung GearVR. While the weight of the FreeflyVR was fairly average, and there is 2nd strap to allieve pressure vertically, there is room to slim the design down.

The included bluetooth controller was excellent as well, quickly pairing with our test device and working with the few VR games we tried. It's also worthwhile to note glasses were worn comfortably with the FreeflyVR, both physically and visually with the multiple optical adjustments available. Overall, the Freefly offered an experience comparable with headsets twice the cost. If you're looking for a quality, affordable headset we can't recommend it enough.

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Best Overall VR Headset

FreeflyVR BEYOND™ - $70USD

Featuring the same superior lens quality and POV as the original FreeflyVR™, the updated Beyond model includes Crossfire triggers, an exclusive way to play some of the coolest games available. Beyond™ also marks the launch of support for iPhones, a first for FreeflyVR. Overall, while we loved the interaction of the triggers for most games, not all users need them, adding an unneccessary extra cost to the headset. If you want a no-compromise experience, the Beyond™ is for you.

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Best Entry VR Headset

VR Box™ - $20USD

For those looking to spend less for a mobile VR headset, the VR Box™ made for a great experience at its price-point. It uses the lower depth 35mm lenses found in Google's follow-up release to Cardboard, offering a 102-degree field of view. A single strap design also allows for hands free use. Though slightly bulkier than other units, not uncomfortably so. Build quality was fairly average, and a lack of input means you'll want to grab a seperate bluetooth device if you plan on playing VR games.

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